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Why Giving Should Be An Important Part Of Your Belief According To Bible?


Giving to a local church is a vital act of faith that should not be overlooked. Biblical giving is intended to be self-sacrificial and steadfast in its commitment. Individual financial resources given up in opposition to a selfish and greedy worldview develop their confidence in God's provision and protection, as well as in their own abilities to provide for others.

The call on each of their lives is to glorify God with everything they have, including their time, talents, resources, and everything that God Has bestowed them with. To honor the Giver of all good things by sharing those resources is an integral part of the worship process. They promise to be excellent stewards of your donations, exercising extreme caution in the way they manage and track the resources entrusted to them in the future. They always took full responsibility for what you have given them.

A person holding a miniature copper colored gift box with a white ribbon in his hands
A person holding a miniature copper colored gift box with a white ribbon in his hands

What Is Giving According To Bible?

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not what you feel obligated to give, since God appreciates a joyful giver more than a reluctant or compelling one. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that you will abound in every good work at all times, in all things at all times, having all you need. Because the more you will give, the more it will come back to you. This is the 'Give And Take rule of God'.

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What does the Bible say about giving

Fellowship Bible Church

They express their gratitude to God for the Fellowship community. The enormous number of ministries and mission partners that Fellowship supports is made possible by the generosity of people like you. Gifts may be made in a number of ways - you can manufacture your gifts in a variety of ways. In compliance with IRS regulations, you will get a tax-deductible gift receipt for your contributions.

Why Should You Choose Fellowship Bible Church?

Why? Whenever you donate to Fellowship, you're helping us realize their objective to develop disciples of Jesus who love God and people passionately. Your donations help us affect their families, communities, and the globe. They are pleased to join your commission.

This single fund provides the resources needed to sustain their campus, grow their local and global ministries, and bless their family.

Giving, whether in person, online, or by mail, is an act of worship.

Give Money Online In The Form Of Cash Or Checks

It is necessary for financial gifts to be received by Fellowship in a sealed envelope with your name and address on it in order for them to be eligible for a tax deduction. During weekend worship services, you can make a cash or check donation. When visiting the Fellowship office during normal business hours, you can bring cash or cheques with you.

Other Ways To Make A Donation

You can make a gift of stocks or other investment vehicles in addition to making a cash, cheque, or Bible church online donation. If you would like more information about different giving options, please contact the church office.

Person's Donation

During every worship service, they praise God for His numerous blessings. You can contribute by putting your contribution in the departure boxes. If you gave online, this is a fantastic moment to recall God's numerous gifts and meditate on His goodness.

Online Application

App store search for Fellowship Bible Church GA. Select the app. Online donation has several advantages:

Transparency: Donations made online can be tracked easily.

Simplicity: Traveling doesn't require remembering if you donated this month or mailed an offering.

Security: For the safety of your personal information and giving history, they use a secure encrypted website.

Bill Payment Automated

For example, many banks let consumers set up periodic withdrawals from their accounts for mailing to a beneficiary (such as a church). To add Fellowship Bible Church as a new payee, please contact your own bank. Make cheques payable to FBC.

Smile At Amazon

Amazon donates 0.5 percent of your eligible purchases to Fellowship when you buy at smile.amazon.com. Clients of AmazonSmile or Fellowship pay nothing.

Limited IRA Charitable Distributions

In addition, if you are over 70-1/2 years old, you may donate up to $100,000 straight from your IRA to Fellowship Bible Church. This can be used to meet the IRA's yearly required minimum distribution (RMD). For specific advice and tax benefits, see your financial or tax professional.

Making A Specification For Your Donation

Funds at Fellowship Bible Church may be designated by donors. The following funds are available for donation:

  • General Fund
  • Capital Fund
  • Mission Ministry
  • Anthony (Missions)
  • Dealy (Missions)
  • Hall (Missions)
  • Hunt (Missions)
  • Larks (Missions)
  • Murray (Missions)
  • Casanova (Missions)
  • Care Net
  • Mission Waco
  • India - Banjara
  • Mexico Mission Trip
  • Youth Mission Trip
  • College Mission Trip
  • Men of Fellowship
Online giving poster with an opened book in the background
Online giving poster with an opened book in the background


If you would want your giving gift to be accepted by God, make sure that your intention is pure and clean. Because it is not about how much you give but it is always about how you give. If God has made you give something to others, you should never be proud of it and you never have the right to humiliate others. As God has made you the giver, He can even make you lower than that.

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