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What Is The Purpose Of Fellowship Families In The Church?


The purpose of the Fellowship Bible Churchfamiliesis to provide a true community where the keys to LIFEin Christ(Loving God, Investing in Others, Following His Word, Engaging Our World) can be nourished and encouraged, as well as demonstrated and lived out.

Fellowship Bible Church

Celebrational worship, participatory small groups, and clear and accurate verse-by-verse teaching of the Scriptures are all priorities at Fellowship Bible Church, with an emphasis on personal application, personal behavior, and some personal rules for everyday living. Ultimately, they want to provide you the chance to actually grow in your relationship with God and make you understand its true meaning while also equipping you to fulfill your duties in lifeand ministryas a result of your participation.

Hands joined in the form of heart in the orange-yellow sunset background
Hands joined in the form of heart in the orange-yellow sunset background

Always At Your Service

They want to be of service to you in any way they can, whether you are just beginning your investigation into God or are looking for a churchhome.


The items listed below will provide you with an overview of their guiding principles and values, as well as a brief introduction to who they are as a church. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact their church office.


Growing in Depth and Extending Effort.


To bring glory to God by living out the LIFE.

Characteristics that distinguish them

Their identity and actions are based on eight biblical values that guide them in everything they do.


A quick recap of where they've been and where they're going.


The doctrinal statement of Fellowship BibleChurch is available.


The procedure for becoming a member of their church is given on their website.

In the Early Hours of SundayMorning

Come join them for a time of learning and worship.

Group of 5-6 people collected at church amd talking to each other
Group of 5-6 people collected at church amd talking to each other


They believe that every follower of Christ has the responsibility and privilege of making disciples of all nations via the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the provision of necessities as a witness to Christ.

Fellowship Bible Church Belief

It is their belief that God has organized His people into local congregations of believers, who have assembled around faithand the Scriptures, the sacraments and the Lord's Supper, and with scriptural officers, to worship Him.

The Fellowship's Mission And Purpose

In order to complete their mission, they have established the following goals:

Small groups that meet on a regular basis in different homes are referred to as "Fellowship Families" in their organization. While communal worship and the preaching of God's Word are important reasons for them to gather on Sunday mornings, they recognize the importance of creating a small group setting where individuals can become truly connected to one another and to God.

This is essential in order to create opportunities for people to engage in community and form strong connections in which they can be challenged and encouraged in their relationship with the Lord. They think that life-changing experiences take place in small groups.

Expectations Of The Fellowship Family

Come, and come prepared to share LIFE with others. A specific course for spiritual development is charted by each Fellowship Family, whether it is a concentration on family life, an aspect of knowing or serving God, or a study of a chapter from the previous week's sermon and discussion of how it applies to the daily lives. These small groups create a welcoming environment in which to ask questions and form long-lasting relationships.

An inside view of a church that contains wooden brown colored benches with books section
An inside view of a church that contains wooden brown colored benches with books section

Structure Of The Fellowship's Family

Groups at fellowship churchare structured based on a person's life stage, affinity, geographic location, or ministry. Participants in each group range in age from six to twelve and each group is directed by a qualified leader. Each member is urged to participate in the group for a minimum of eight weeks before deciding whether to continue. They encourage you to withdraw from the program if you believe it is not a good fit.

You will be encouraged to look into another organization, and there will be no pressure or questioning if you decide to switch to any other instead of us. You are always welcome to do what you choose. Because you should be the one to take the most important or you call it 'life-changing decisions'.

What Is A Religious Fellowship?

Christianity's unity of the Spirit, which is based on Christians' similar beliefs, convictions, and practices, is described as koinonia. Koinonia (biblical fellowship) can only develop when certain shared ideas are established. In God's worship, God's labor, and the accomplishment of God's will in the world, this fellowship generates mutual cooperation among its members.


Fellowship Families are one of the most important ministries at their church, as they involve the vast majority of the adults in attendance. They have small groups that meet in homes throughout the Waco area at various times and days throughout the week to study God's Word, pray together, share their lives with one another, give and receive care, and encourage one another. They have groups that meet in homes at various times and days throughout the week.

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