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A Complete Guide About Fellowship Bible Church

Celebrational worship, participatory small groups, and clear and accurate verse-by-verse teaching of the Scriptures are all priorities at Fellowship Bible Church, with an emphasis on personal application for everyday living.

Bernard Horne
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Celebrational worship, participatory small groups, and clear and accurate verse-by-verse teaching of the Scriptures are all priorities at Fellowship Bible Church, with an emphasis on personal application for everyday living. Ultimately, it wants to provide you the chance to actually grow in your relationship with Godwhile also equipping you to fulfill your duties in lifeand ministryas a result of your participation.
An outside view of a church
An outside view of a church
The items listed below will provide you with an overview of its guiding principles and values, as well as a brief introduction to who it is as a church. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the churchoffice.

Vision - Growing In-Depth And Extending Efforts

The goal and visionof the Fellowship Bible Churchare to portray every individual to fully know the meaning of its purpose in life. It is possible for believers to have a comparable experience in their lives just as a healthy, mature tree generates a deep root system while simultaneously branching out and producing fruit.


God is offering His followersa deal that will improve their lives. To make our world a better place, God invites individuals who accept His call to help spread the word about excellent pizza and waiters deliver it to clients. The church's aimis to share God's gift with the world and to extend God's great hospitalityto people around the people.
Inside view of a wedding taking place in church
Inside view of a wedding taking place in church

Distinctive Characteristics

Eight biblical ideals guide who they are and what they accomplish. These essential defining characteristicsguide their behaviors and the ministries they lead and serve.
  • Putting God at the center of public and private worship.
  • This course emphasizes clear, logical, and relevant expository preaching and teaching of the Bible.
  • God is providing them with personal growth in holiness and knowledge of God's Word.
  • Accepting a biblical foundation for church governance and leadership.
  • Personal discipleship prepares believers to live and minister according to biblical principles.
  • They are entrusting youth, men, and women ministering to church members.
  • They may inspire one another if they commit to genuine and loving connections.
  • Their aim is to spread the gospel of Jesus to people in their own lives, in Waco, and globally.


Fellowship BibleChurch, which was established as an autonomous church in August 1978, is a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ. An oral surgeon in Waco had a visionfor a congregation that was dedicated to teaching the Bible, and that is how Fellowship Bible Church came to be. The history of Fellowship Bible Churchcan be traced back to that vision. In the summer of 1987, after much deliberation, the first permanent meeting place was selected for the organization.
Central Christian Church built a historic church structure on the site of its current location in 1926, near the intersection of Washington Avenue and 11th Street in downtown Waco. The church purchased the facility and moved it to its current location. In 1988, the church joined the Evangelical Free Church of America, which is now known as the EFCA. There are nearly 1200 congregations in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), which is dedicated to the exposition of Scripture, evangelism, and missionary work. The First Evangelical Free Church in California, which was founded by Chuck Swindoll and was originally pastored by him, is the most well-known of the Free Churches worldwide. In 1988, the West Evangelical Free Church and the Fellowship Bible Church merged to form the West Evangelical Free Church and Fellowship Bible Church.


The process of joining a church varies per Christian denomination. Depending on the Christian denomination and the individual's sacramental state, candidates or probationers are called. Catechumens are candidates for full membershipin a church.
Anyone who is a Christian should not be surprised if many individuals do not wish to join their church. Many Christians jump from church to church, never committing to a group of other Christians.

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are a time for ministers, staff, volunteers, and congregation members to rejoice. But it is also a time of "labor." Many of them can adapt to Sundayrhythms.
They can avoid this problem by adopting specific Lord's Day behaviors. Habits are defined by Merriam-Webster as: “a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior or an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.”

What Do Bible Fellowship Churches Mean?

Because it believes that the Bible is God's inspired Word, His complete written revelation, and our only rule of faithand behavior, it has adopted this belief. It believes in the oneness of God. FBC also believes in the teachings of God and aims to teach its followers the best possible way. Fellowship Bible Church's live sermonis also available on its official website and social media accounts like youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Fellowship Bible Church wants to be of service to you in any way it can, whether you are just beginning your investigation into God or are looking for a church home.
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