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A Complete Guide About The History Of Fellowship Bible Church

Founded as an autonomous church in August 1978, Fellowship Bible Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. The history of the church was the vision of a local oral surgeon who wished to see Waco become home to a congregation that was dedicated to the teaching of the Scriptures.

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Founded as an autonomous churchin August 1978, Fellowship Bible Churchis a community of believers in Jesus Christ. The history of fellowship Biblechurchwas the visionof a local oral surgeon who wished to see Waco become home to a congregation that was dedicated to the teaching of the Scriptures. After much consideration, the first permanent meeting site was chosen in the summer of 1987.
An old picture of a church being constructed
An old picture of a church being constructed
At the junction of Washington Avenue and 11th Street in downtown Waco, the church bought a historic church structure built by Central Christian Church in 1926 and located on the site of its current location. In 1988, the church became a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is an alliance of over 1200 congregations that are dedicated to the exposition of Scripture, evangelism, and missions. The First Evangelical Free Church in California, which was originally pastored by Chuck Swindoll, is the most well-known of the Free Churches. A second merger occurred in 1988 when West Evangelical Free Church and Fellowship Bible Churchamalgamated.
An inside view of a church containing brown colored wooden benches and a red carpet
An inside view of a church containing brown colored wooden benches and a red carpet
After selling the facility at 11th and Washington to Mighty Wind Worship Center in 1999, First Baptist Church of Fort Worth bought 50 acres at the intersection of Highway 84 and Speegleville Road. In order to gather finances and eventually begin building on their present facilities, they met every week for more than three years at the Hollywood Movie Theater. In 2003, Fellowship celebrated the official launch of their new campus on June 1st.
This two-campus approach has allowed the church membershipto continue to develop and have more location alternatives while remaining under one roof and sharing resources, a budget, central services, and an elder board. Most significantly, it provides a chance to develop leaders, create disciples, and extend the Kingdom in ways that are compatible with the visionand objectives of the Fellowship of Reformed Churches. While the historyof Fellowship BibleChurch has transitioned and altered as a result of growing seasons, they remain committed to their missionto praise God and develop disciples by assisting individuals in finding wholehearted lifein Jesus Christ. This intentionality offers a sense of direction and a solid basis upon which to build and inform all aspects of the church's service.

The Focus Of Fellowship Bible Church

In the missions program, they put the emphasis on individuals, on everyday people who have everyday needs. As a result of God's provision, they have the opportunity to come beside these actual individuals and work with them for the cause of the gospel. They collaborate with Christian leaders and missionaries all around the world to help current churches become stronger by educating, training, and providing them with the tools they need. The objective is to see Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led, biblically-based churches take root all over the world and to assist them in becoming everything that God has called them to be in their respective communities.

Partnering With Other Churches

Fellowship is now working with churches and their senior leaders on four continents to strengthen well over 1,000 churches via teaching, discipleship, and leadership development programs. Their present mission field includes Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, and other Asian nations, as well as various missions in the United States. They also have missions in Mexico, Ecuador, and other countries in the Americas.

Global Missions

It requires a significant investment of both time and resources on the part of their global missions department in order for them to educate, disciple, train, and equip overseas pastors and church leaders in order for their churches to mature. Twenty percent of all general givingreceived by Fellowship is allocated to their global missions program, which is responsible for carrying out their global missions strategy. Consequently, every time you tithe or make an offering, you are making a contribution to international missions. Occasionally, special ministryor project needs arise among several churches, which they will communicate to the entire community of believers about.

Why Is The Mission Of Church Important?

The mission of fellowship churchis a broad statement that explains why they exist, and it is not subject to frequent revisions or revisions. The church has been formed by Christ in this way, and they are essentially just given the opportunity to speak the same thing but on their own terms. "Bringing the light of Christ into communities" is the purpose of the Church of the Cross of Quebec.


Fellowship BibleChurch has been unusually blessed with the opportunity to carry out their missions program after going through the struggling history of Fellowship Bible Church, rather than relying on other organizations to do so on their behalf. As they travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year to offer assistance, teaching, and training to foreign church leaders in order to build up their local congregations, they keep one-on-one touch with their partner churches all over the world.
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