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What Should Be The Mission Of The Church?


A major part of the Fellowship's objective is to see God exalted, and His teachings exhibited among the people. Simply said, the mission of the church is to bring glory to God, by living out the LIFE we have received from God.

Understanding The Concept Behind Mission Of The Fellowship Bible Church

The mission of the church is the task that God has assigned to the people of God in order for them to complete in the world.

It may surprise you to learn that, when it comes to mission, the church has more in common with a pizzeria than you may expect.

Put yourself in the position of biting into the greatest slice of pizza you've ever had. Crispy garlic crust and a burst of bright tomato sauce hit your tongue as the cheese melts on top of the gooey mozzarella. This miracle pizza satisfies your hunger in ways you didn't even realize you were lacking. (Even folks with gluten and dairy allergies report that they feel better after having a slice of this pie.) Even more astonishing, the chef promises to cook you an unlimited supply of the dish for no further charge.

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A deal like this is what God is offering to His followers, and it will change their lives. And, just as pleased customers help spread the news about delicious pizza and waiters deliver it to customers, God invites those of us who accept His invitation to assist in the making of this world a better place. The mission of the church is to share the gift that God is offering with the rest of the world, as well as to extend the amazing hospitality that God has shown us to those around us.

A upper close shot of a brown wooden church cross and the church bell
A upper close shot of a brown wooden church cross and the church bell

What Is The Mission Of A Local Church?

The Local Church is obligated to provide financial assistance to other believers and acts to provide them with an example of this occurring in the early church. Nobody held on to their goods tightly; instead, they all shared their wealth with those in desperate need.

LIFE is an acronym that helps us remember key components of the connection with God quickly and easily.

Fellowship Bible Church

They are delighted that you have arrived and encourage you to take a look around.

Celebrational worship, participatory small groups, and clear and accurate verse-by-verse teaching of the Scriptures are all priorities at Fellowship Bible Church, with an emphasis on personal application for everyday living. Ultimately, they want to provide you the chance to actually grow in your relationship with God while also equipping you to fulfill your duties in life and ministry as a result of your participation.

They want to be of service to you in any way they can, whether you are just beginning your investigation into God or are looking for a church home.

The items listed below will provide you with an overview of their guiding principles and values, as well as a brief introduction to who they are as a church. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact their church office.


Growing in Depth and Extending Effort


To bring glory to God by living out the LIFE they have received

Characteristics that distinguish them

Their identity and actions are based on eight biblical values that guide them in everything they do.


A quick recap of where they've been and where they're going


The doctrinal statement of Fellowship Bible Church is available.


The procedure for becoming a member of their church is also given on their website.

In the Early Hours of Sunday Morning

Come join them for a time of learning and worship.

What Are The 3 Mission Of The Church?

They have a holy responsibility to accomplish the threefold purpose of the Church – first, to teach the gospel to the entire world; second, to strengthen the membership of the Church wherever they may be; and third, to make people strengthen their belief in God.

A wooden cross sign at the top of a mountain
A wooden cross sign at the top of a mountain

Mission Of The Catholic Church

The mission of the Catholic Church is to carry out and continue the work of God on the earthly stage. The Church, as well as individuals who belong to it, must:

  • Share the Word of God
  • Assist those in need
  • Live as role models for others
  • Individuals are being evangelized and converted to the Catholic faith as a result of this effort, missionaries hope.
  • As a result of the apostles' commissioning and sending out, they were entrusted with the task of spreading the Gospel and the life of Christ.
Blue text 'missions' printed on a cross, earth and sun illustration
Blue text 'missions' printed on a cross, earth and sun illustration


When they talk about the mission of the church, they aren't trying to list all of the wonderful things Christians can and should do to love their neighbors and to be salt and light in the world. Instead, they're talking about the mission of the church as a whole. The issue at hand has to do with the church in its traditional sense. What, as God's people, must they be about collectively as an organized institution if they are to faithfully carry out His goals for them in the world?

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