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Ministry Groups Of Churches

Ministry is the position held by those who have been designated by ecclesiastical authorities to serve as ministers in the church.

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Ministryis the position held by those who have been designated by ecclesiastical authorities to serve as ministers in the churchor who have been called to specific vocational service in a churchthat has received some degree of public recognition.

What Is The Purpose Of Ministry?

Providing the communities with an unprecedented movement of hope, healing, and empowerment is a major accomplishment. When FBC's ministry chooses Love over legalism, Truth over tradition, and Relationships over religion, the church as you know it will never be the same again! Be a part of something truly monumental!
Their belief is that Godis utilizing FBC's unique, modern, and relevant approach to ministry to be a transformative catalyst in the lives of individuals, the church, and their community, notwithstanding a large number of churches already in existence.

Importance Of Ministry In Church

The FBC is not a closed community of self-centered believers; rather, they are imperfect, Christians who love God, are devoted to sharing God's love and grace with others, and are committed to growing in their understanding and knowledge of God. There is a place for everyone on their spiritual path, no matter what stage they are at. The way they live, talk, and act demonstrates how much they love God and how much they want to share His love with others.
Because everyone is important to God, they believe that everyone is important to them.
They are bold enough to live completely empowered by the Word of God, which reminds them that they are to be physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially abundant in all aspects of their lives.
They are here to help others develop a deeper relationship with God as people follow them. This is accomplished via genuine worship, a thorough study and application of God's Word, and the service of others.
A large number of people collected in the hall of a church
A large number of people collected in the hall of a church

How Ministry Of A Church Can Help Reform The Society?

FBC collaborates with a wide range of organizations and projects in order to spread God's love and His message of hope throughout the world. They enhance social justice by responding to the urge to combat the inequities and wrongs that different individuals are subjected to. They collaborate with a variety of organizations to ensure that under-resourced individuals and communities have access to the most basic of human necessities.
From enabling the next generation of missionaries and Christian leaders to increasing the reach of the local and global church through church building, parenting, and mentoring leaders, they are devoted to developing future Christian leaders. They respond to situations of injustice by safeguarding and educating the weak, rescuing the victims, and uplifting the oppressed and disadvantaged members of society, all motivated by the love of God as their motivation.


Children's aspirations can be stolen away by poverty and despair, but through their relationship with ChildHope, they are offering hope and a bright future to children. In order to escape the cycle of poverty, ChildHope transforms children from the inside out by givingthem a high-quality education and social skills that help them gain the confidence they need.

Protection Against Exploitation And Abuse On A Global Scale

Girls as youngas 8 years old are trafficked from Nepal to India every year and sold for as little as $15. Global Family rescues victims of human trafficking by providing them with emergency housing, assessment, medical care, and legal assistance as required by law. Ninety-five percent of the females they rescue are reunited with their families. The others are placed in The Daughter Project, which is a long-term family-care refuge for women and children. The girls grow up in a household environment and attend school in this setting. FBC has collaborated with the Daughter Project to give money for one home in Nepal.
A girl giving speech in a church
A girl giving speech in a church

Basic Necessities Aid

Water, health care, and shelter are provided to those who are underserved in a compassionate manner. They do this by installing water filters to eradicate sickness, caring for the sick, and constructing homes for those in need.

Drinking Water That Is Safe

Drinking water that is safe to drink is one of the most pressing bodily demands on the planet. They are on a missionto offer clean water, from coast to coast, through Kingdom Builders and their collaborations with the Last Well and Give Clean Water.

Health Care

Regardless of where someone lives, they should be able to receive basic medical care when they need it. Many of our neighbors in Tijuana do not have access to normal medical care, health and wellness exams, or eyesight or dental treatment, despite the fact that they live in a developed country.
Through medical brigades, the Medical Ministries is able to provide this service to the lowest of the poor in the country. People are greeted at the brigades by compassionate volunteers who are dedicated to bringing healing and hope to the people.

A Place To Call Home

The shelter is a fundamental requirement, and not having a place to call home puts a significant amount of strain on a family. Families may be divided as a result of parentsremoving their children from their homes and placing them in orphanages. It has the potential to promote disease and poor educational outcomes: when children do not have enough protection from the weather, they are more likely to become unwell and skip school.


Become a part of their annual Memorial Day House Build and hospitality ministry, in which adults, students, and families from several FBC campuses work together to construct a number of houses over the course of the three-day weekend.
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