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Resources For Churches - A Hand-Picked List

FBC is devoted to helping and developing pastors in churches all across the world, which is why we started this. They've made all ministry resources—including sermon notes, message series, children's teachings, worship, and more

Bernard Horne
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FBC is devoted to helping and developing pastors in churches all across the world, which is why we started this. They've made all ministryresources—including sermon notes, message series, children's teachings, worship, and more—available to any churchat no cost to them.

What Are The 5 Purposes Of The Church?

Warren says that these goals include worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missionand that they are taken from the Bible.
The purpose is to provide you with the materials you require in order to reach the people in your community whom Godhas called you to serve. You can obtain access to hundreds of churchresources from FBC and their partners.
Opened books stacked on each other
Opened books stacked on each other
Within your congregation, they are grateful to you for your willingness to foster a sense of belonging for people of all abilities. They hope that the materials and next steps provided will assist you in better including people of all abilities in the lifeof your church, no matter where you are on your journey.
It doesn't matter what role you play in your congregation; you can make a difference by making people of all abilities feel more welcome in your congregation.
Survey of Parentsand Family Membersgive the information from the survey below to the family of the person whose assistance you need. Use the information they provide to build a welcoming environment for that individual, spreading the information (with permission!) to suitable leaders and other community members.
A group of people having a discussion in office
A group of people having a discussion in office
Language Guide for People with Disabilities
For some people, the use of words can make the difference between participating in a worship service in part and fully participating in it entirely. For inclusion of people with a variety of abilities in your congregational events, consider using the alternative terms supplied in FBC Person First Language Guide.
The Story of the Church's Welcome
A church welcome tale incorporates personalized elements to tell a story about what may occur when someone visits your church for the first time. People of all abilities can gain a clear grasp of what to expect when they attend your church event by demonstrating it with examples and graphics that are unique to your organization.

Resources For Church Administration

The most effective strategy to make use of these church development resourcesis to select a few blogs and adhere to them on a regular basis (pun intended). Keep track of all of the annual conferences and make an effort to attend one of them each year, rotating which one you attend each year. Make a list of the organizations and put it somewhere accessible so that you may refer to it or call them if you require assistance in a certain area.


Whether it's an administration with a church office, allowing church organizations to communicate with their members online, or just sharing the Gospel in non-traditional means, ChurchTechToday is the place to debate how technology can truly impact the church in beneficial ways. Jesus must be communicated. Technology and its connection with Christian outreach is the focus of Communicate Jesus, a blog dedicated to the topic. Websites, leadership, social media, strategy, church life(donation, volunteer recruitment, welcoming, and so on), communication, and outreach are just a few of the topics covered.

Conversatio Morum

Conversatio Morum (Morning Convergence) is a Latin phrase that means "Morning Convergence." On the blog Conversatio Morum, we discuss how to integrate your purpose with current technological advancements and make them function in concert. Some of the themes covered include comments on church trends, organizational health, and a variety of other topics.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a software firm that also has a fantastic blog that you should check out. Their blog provides valuable insight and advice on the most successful methods to use technology, build your membership, and practice good leadership, among other things. The creation of an effective online givingprocess, lessons your church can learn from other churches, and ways technology may assist you in supporting volunteer leaders are just a few examples of blog themes.


Christian Digital Publishers

There are blogs, events, and an online magazine on this website, which makes it a terrific resource for churches. They also have an online magazine. You must be a member in order to access the content; however, membership is entirely free.

Church Production Magazine

This journal provides tailored technology information to houses of worship that are focused on production, including coverage of audio, video, lighting, and duplication that is specific to the church. Church Production Magazine contains information about new product launches, trends, product reviews, visits, and installation projects. There are 10 issues per year, and subscriptions are available for free, though the publisher retains the right to limit the number of free subscriptions available in any company sector at their discretion. Free print subscriptions are only offered in the United States, however qualified international customers can receive the magazine for free in digital format.


NACBA Annual Conference

The NACBA hosts an annual conference that focuses on educating the nuts and bolts of running a church. With more than 80 workshops on topics ranging from staff development to accounting and auditing, as well as keynote addresses on topics such as time management, ecumenical worship, and leaving a legacy, the NACBA conference is jam-packed with useful education for church administrators. To learn more about the NACBA conference, visit their website.

Church Media U

(CMU) Church Media U is a one-day course focused on church media. The seminar's purpose is to provide assistance to church leaders who are experiencing difficulties with the media. The seminar is offered on a variety of dates and at various places throughout the United States of America. They discuss how to maximize the use of technology in ministry, including presentation software, and how to use media to enhance worship.


Where do you go to stay up to date on the most recent happenings in the world of religion? There are many various types of resources to employ, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including blogs, events, associations, and software applications, among others.
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