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How Should You Spend Your Sunday Mornings In Church?


After waking up on a Sundaymorning to the sound of an alarm clock, you are overcome with the desire to fall back asleep. The words "Don't desert the assembly" ring in your head through the fog of your grogginess, however. It's the Lord's Day, after all!

Three church crosses with an evening background of low light
Three church crosses with an evening background of low light

Sundaymornings are a time of celebration for ministers, employees, volunteers, and members of the congregation. However, it is also a period of "labor." It is possible for many of them to become accustomed to the Sunday rhythms.

However, if they adopt specific Lord's Day behaviors, they will be able to avoid this situation. When it comes to habits, according to Merriam-Webster, they are defined as “a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior or an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.”

Because this post is prepared with churchmembers in mind, allow them to share with you seven Sunday morning behaviors that you should promote in your congregation.

Arrive As Soon As Possible

People have a habit of showing up at the last minute, right before the first worship song but right after the announcements. Instead, we should arrive as soon as possible, if at all possible. To be sure, there are a variety of routines that can interfere with this habit (i.e., getting kids ready, morning coffee, car troubles, etc.).

Make sure you are prepared in advance to avoid being held up in the queue. It has been noted that "Sunday morning church is a decision made on Saturday night." So, on Saturday, get the kids' clothes ready, prepare the Keurig, and check the tires so that you can make it to church on time.

Be A Devoted Servant

The fact that there are numerous tasks to complete on Sunday mornings will be acknowledged by any church leader. Making last-minute bulletin revisions or locating a misplaced HDMI cable for television is something you've experienced. Because of this, it's critical to perform your duties with dedication.

Everything needs to be done, no matter how large or little the church is. Your assistance is needed at the local church in a variety of ways, from greeting to cleaning to arranging to teaching. Locate a service area and connect to it with an Ethernet cable. Identify a ministryin need of assistance by asking your reservoir church pastoror a ministry director for assistance.

A quote in white color written on a background picture of stones near lake in the evening
A quote in white color written on a background picture of stones near lake in the evening

Exert Confidence In Your Prayer Time

Please allow them to encourage you to pray courageously as the worship service approaches. As you prepare for worship, ask the Lord to prepare your heart. Pray for the well-being of your minister. Before the service, find someone to pray for.

An aside: nothing can bring greater joy to a pastor or church leader than witnessing the prayers of God's people united in unity. "Prayermoves the hand of God," according to Steve Gaines. The act of praying for God's presence during the service is a beautiful way to begin your worship time.

Passionately Singing Is Important

Let's sing with all of your heart, from the first note to the final chord. Everything you've seen and heard has convinced you that nothing will move your heart toward Christand His message more than enthusiastic singing. Rather than singing in hushed tones, you should sing "Jesus paid it all."

Persuade them with your words by speaking up. No one is going to notice if you don't have the most beautiful singing voice! Exalt the Lord with an exultant hymn of praise and thanksgiving. Sing to Christ with all of your heart, soul, and mind.

Take Careful Note Of What You Are Hearing

When it comes to proclaiming God's Word, the moment has come. Once the phone is connected, it's time to pay close attention. "Expository listening," as you should like to refer to it. Whether or not the pastor has prepared a feast, it is now time for you to joyfully receive the Word.

Take out your pen and Bible, and spend some time soaking in the truth. Distractions are reduced, which is beneficial in practice. Drop the cellphone, sit up straight, and fix your eyes on Christ. Make a point of paying attention for God's sake.

Sunday worship written on a background of wheat plant in the early morning picture
Sunday worship written on a background of wheat plant in the early morning picture

React In A Professional Manner

The preacher announces that the sermon has come to an end and extends an invitation. Those who do not believe are not excluded from this. The people of God are also being called upon to respond. Don't be concerned about being at the nearest eatery before the other congregations do.

As a result of the Word's proclamation, there must be a response. Possibly, repentance is required. Possibly, you'll find yourself at the altar, praying. You should respond to the Word in accordance with the Spirit's promptings.

Take Your Time Getting Out Of The House!

There will be no more services provided by this company. Finally, the final public prayer has been delivered. After that, take it slowly out of the building. Take your time getting to your car since there may be those who need your support along the route. Conversations outside, laughter, and prayer are encouraged.

What Is The Purpose Of Sunday Morning Worship?

In Christianity, the Lord's Day is Sunday, the main day of communal worship. Most Christians commemorate the weekly resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is claimed to have risen from the dead early on the first day of the week in the canonical Gospels.


A time like this is ideal for cultivating a sense of belonging. Greetings to the pair who is visiting. Give that hug to Miss Joan. Rearrange the chairs for the Sunday night study session.

Leave with a full heart and a deliberate pace. Other habits may exist, but these seven are a good place to start when it comes to getting the most out of a collected worship experience.

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