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Life2Life Belief's Importance In Churches

In "Life2Life," the small group component of FBC, their leaders will guide the church family through the process of evangelism.

Bernard Horne
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Pastors, elders, deacons, small group leaders, and all of their wives were included in the FBC Shift (or sometimes called as FBC EvangelismShift) category at FBC. During the second year, this process is implemented "at the parish level." In "Life2Life," the small group component of FBC, their leaders will guide the churchfamily through the process of evangelism.
'FBC Shift' is a ministrythat was founded by their commissioned missionary, John North, with the goal of assisting churches in their everyday lives. During the first year of participation, facilitators engage with churchleadership to assist them in becoming more effective and better humans.

What Is The True Meaning Of Evangelism?

'Personal commitments to Godare won or reignited via prayerand fasting.'
Over the course of the 2021/2022 academic year, a number of community groups, as well as numerous other small groups, will focus on this Life2Life Evangelism topic. For the second time, the emphasis of this curriculum is on being a witness in their everyday lives. It is their hope that FBC Shift will provide you with the biblical framework, practical skills, and accountability of Life2Life in churchesnecessary to grow as a witness in the real-liferelationships God has placed you in. You will learn how to take the next stepin living whether evangelism comes naturally to you or scares the living daylights out of you on this journey.
Two men standing on bridge
Two men standing on bridge
The accompanying of persons who are being evangelized is a critical component of the process of releasing the Gospel.
The act of sharing the Gospel is merely the beginning of the process of evangelization. A significant amount of time is typically required by those who are being evangelized, including their own parishioners, in order to integrate the Gospel and bring their lives into harmony with it. It is possible that they have developed materialistic habits and ways of thinking that will require gradual transformation. For individuals who have spent many years living away from God, this is not always an easy process to go through. They require someone to accompany them on their journey and guide them closer to God through patience, a compass, and discernment.
In 2011, a survey of 200 churches was conducted to determine whether or not they were preparing to begin some type of Life2Life evangelism training. Individual congregations were polled before, after, and six months after receiving evangelistic training to measure their level of commitment to evangelism.
When they came to the conclusion of the investigation, they were completely taken aback by the outcome. No matter what type of evangelism training was provided, participants returned to their pre-training levels of evangelism within six months after completion.
The results of the study, as evidenced by the increasing number of believers, have been shattered since the inception of FBC Shift in 2016.
In the event that FBC decides to embark on the FBC Shift journey, two Facilitators will accompany you on this trip. The vast majority of their Facilitators are either members of the FBC Shift team that developed the program or pastors of churches that have been profoundly impacted by FBC Shift.
Changing the culture of a church, or the culture of an individual, cannot be accomplished in a weekend course. It's for this reason that why FBC Shift is a two-year endeavor.

Year 1 (First Year Of Study)

When they work with your larger leadership community (pastors, elders, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and the spouses of all of these individuals), they help them learn to live as effective witnesses in their everyday interactions and relationships.


Six seminars are held each year to teach principles and how-tos from the Bible(one every two months).

Partnerships For Accountability

Accountability Partnerships, which are developed amongst fellowship participants, help to consolidate the changes that have occurred in them.

Life2Life Is In Its Second Year.

Since Year 1, they've been preparing and guiding your leaders to pass on the witnessing way of life to their congregations.

Shift M2M

Using the Shift M2M, they guide your core leadership (pastors and elders) all the way from unconnected lost individuals to multiplying fishers of menand women. With their assistance, you may create a disciple-making pathway that is tailored to your church's specific needs.
A group of people posing for a picture
A group of people posing for a picture
It is their hope that, following your two-year FBC Shift journey, two of your leaders would join their growing fellowship of Facilitators and state, While they execute this disciple-making route, they are willing to come with you once every two months to take another church on this similar journey. They will each travel to a different church with one of their Facilitators, thereby expanding the movement!
The reason for EvangelismSHIFT is as follows:
  • It is critical to the well-being of their countries.
  • Christian communities are dwindling as their country's population increases. Following this downturn, the Australian church has begun to respond by placing a greater emphasis on outreach events in the last couple of decades.
  • Unless they have a meaningful relationship with God, the majority of individuals will never attend one of these events.
Following the inquiry, God began to shift their perspective on evangelism and demonstrated that the most effective thing they can do is assist churches in transitioning from event-driven, leader-owned evangelism to congregations that have a culture of living as witnesses in their daily lives and encounters.


People must learn Life2Life on how to be better human beings and the best Christian in their everyday relationships in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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