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The Existence Of Angels And Holy Spirit As They Offer Guidance In Our Life

Angels and Holy Spirits may be invisible, perhaps, but they are real. They have existed long before we are born.

Bernard Horne
Apr 17, 202225 Shares1178 Views
Angelsand Holy Spiritsmay be invisible, perhaps, but they are real. They have existed long before we are born. Godcommunicates with us through the Bible, His Holy Spiritas well as Angelsprompting us to do good works. He sent His Holy Spiritto be with us to help us, and Angelsto provide us with the message sent by God to guide us in all aspects of our life. Though Angelsand Holy Spirit have the same goal to help people in their daily lives on Earth, they still have distinct differences which we are going to discuss in this article.

What Is An Angel?

What Is An Angel?

The word angel means "messenger," and many times in the Bible, God chooses angels to deliver His message to His people. Throughout the Bible, angels are involved in communicating God's truth or message as directed by the Holy Spirit. We are told in several passages of the Bible that angels were instruments used by God to reveal His Word, bringing messages of warning, telling of judgments, and carrying out judgments. God directly hears our prayers, but he also sends his angels to assist and guide us. God has many angels at his disposal, and they are classified into nine different names or types, which are as follows:


The Seraphim angels are celestial beings who are closest to God's throne and the presence of God, the Holy Ghost, and the Lord of Hosts. They do not have a human physical form and are depicted as a fireball with a face and three pairs of wings revealed. They are very close to God and rank first in the Almighty's army.


The Cherubim angels are the divine keepers of celestial records and possess God's knowledge. They are represented by four wings, and their name translates as "fullness of knowledge," which they have because they are tasked with keeping the Lord's intellectual acuity. According to some accounts, these God's soldiers have two faces and their wings are filled with eyes from their inexhaustible knowledge of everything.


The Thrones act as God's chariot, "dispensing his judgment" in order to carry out his desires for us. The Thrones are regarded as "heavenly governors" who strive to strike a balance between matter and spirit, good and evil.


These Angels receive orders from the Seraphim and Cherubim and pass them on to the lower angel classes for execution. They are the angel order's/angel choir's upper management.


The Principalities are in charge of overseeing everything, ensuring everything, and guiding our entire world—nations, cities, and towns; and, more importantly, religion and politics. Principalities are in charge of overseeing the Earthly responsibilities of the angels beneath them.


Their job is to protect people. They are thought to aid in the resolution of unpleasant problems and situations, as well as the transformation of the negative. Some people believe that the Angels of Power keep demons away from doing bad against humans.


They are in charge of receiving orders from higher angels and converting those orders into miracles for the deserving. They typically manifest as musicians, artists, healers, and scientists who perform working miracles for humans.


They are the protectors of humanity. Archangels take on human form and have massive wings set on their backs. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the most well-known Archangels.


They are the final group of God's army and thus the closest to men. Among his abilities is the ability to protect each individual man. Angels protect familiesand individuals from evil and demons. Angels care for, counsel, and heal individuals on behalf of God. Everyone has their own "personal angel," also known as their Guardian Angel, who is with us on a daily basis.

What Is Holy Spirit?

What Is The Holy Spirit? | Video Bible Study @biblevideo

The Holy Spirit appears frequently in the Bible, most notably in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit is known by many different names, including "Spirit of God," "Spirit of the Lord," and "Spirit of Jesus." Through the power of the Holy Spirit, believers are saved, filled, sealed, and sanctified. The Holy Spirit uncovers God's thoughts, teaches, and guides us into the truth, including knowledge of what is to come for us. The Holy Spirit also assists humans in their weakness and intercedes for them.
The Holy Spirit's vital role is to provide believers with wisdom so that we can understand God. We can comprehend God's thoughts, as revealed in the Scripturebecause we have been given the amazing gift of God's Spirit within ourselves. The Holy Spirit assists us in comprehending. This is God-given wisdom, not man-made wisdom. No amount of human knowledge can ever replace the teaching of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:12–13).

The Distinct Difference Between Angels And Holy Spirit And How They Work Together

A statue of angel and human with wordings The Distinct Difference Between Angels And Holy Spirit
A statue of angel and human with wordings The Distinct Difference Between Angels And Holy Spirit
Angels are God's messengers. The holy spirit is a part of God who communicates with people directly. The only similarity between angels and the Holy Spirit is that they are both spiritual beings. Angels serve God. They are His representatives to us. The literal translation of the word angel is the messenger. The angels are magnificent to behold and frequently frighten those who see them. They are not, however, to be worshipped.
God is the Holy Spirit. He is the third person of the Trinity and is active in the daily lives of Christians. He is with us and gives us wisdom, conviction, and encouragement in our spiritual growth. His daily presence in our lives is also a sign and seal of our salvation. God's direct presence in our lives demonstrates that we have been reconciled to God. We have not only been reconciled with God, but the Holy Spirit is also present to empower us. He bestows spiritual gifts on each believer, which are used to benefit the churchand show the world that God loves them.
An angel may deliver an important message, but it is the Holy Spirit who truly distinguishes the lives of Christians from those of others. Though Angels and Holy Spirits differ greatly, one thing is certain: they share a common goal: to assist and guide humans on the right path.


The Holy Spirit and an Angel have been sent to be with us for the rest of our lives. Even if we feel lonely, we are not alone. They enjoy guiding us down the right path but keep in mind that we are in charge of our own fate. It is entirely up to us to listen and follow the advice of our angels and the Holy Spirit. I hope this article serves as a reminder that the Holy Spirit and Angels will comfort and counsel us through the presence and love of God.
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