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The Truth About Guardian Angels: Do They Really Exists?


The idea of having your own guardian angel is very common nowadays. When people talk about guardian angels, they usually mean righteous spirit beings whose job is to guide, protect, and help people. However, the question is whether or not Guardian Angels exist. Is there Biblical evidence to support the belief that God assigns us a guardian angel at the time of our birth? Continue reading to learn the truth about Guardian Angels.

What Are Guardian Angels? Do They Really Exist?

Do Guardian Angels Exist?

Angels are mentioned in the Bible 273 times in total. Guardian angels, in particular, are spiritual guides who can assist you in navigating your adventures on Earth. Historically, the concept of guardian angels arose among Jews between the Old and New Testaments. This tradition was picked up by early church fathers, who sometimes spoke of a good angel and an evil spirit active in an individual's life. These traditions arose outside of Scripture and are not supported by the teachings of the Bible.

Here are some facts about Guardian Angels that you should be aware of:

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  • Guardian Angels Exist - The Gospel confirms this, and the Scriptures back it up with numerous examples and episodes. The Catechism teaches us from a young age to recognize and trust in this presence.
  • Angels Have Always Existed - They have existed since the moment God created all of the angels. It was a single event, a single moment when Divine Will created thousands upon thousands of angels.
  • Our Guardian Angels Are Our Messengers - When God communicates with us, he addresses himself to the angels. Their job is to help us understand God's Word and guide us in the right direction.
  • Guardian Angels Are Divided Into Three Types - The first is the Earth Angel, who is in charge of human physical safety, security, manifestation, health, and abundance in the physical world. The second type of Angel is the Soul Angel, who is the Guardian Angel who looks after the needs of the human inner Soul. The final being in the Sky Angel, who is the human link to the higher realms.
  • The Guardian Angel Is Not A Spirit Of A Dead Person - While it would be nice to believe that when someone we love died, they became an Angel and returned to be by our side, this is not the case. Our guardian angel cannot be someone we have met in person, nor can it be a member of our family who has died prematurely. It has always existed; it is a spiritual presence directly generated by God.

Does Everyone Of Us Have A Guardian Angel?

Does Every Person Have A Guardian Angel?

According to Christian tradition, each of us has a guardian angel who is with us from the moment we are born until the moment we die, and who is by our side at all times. The concept of a spirit, a supernatural entity that follows and supervises every human being, existed in other religions and Greek philosophy. According to the Old Testament, God is surrounded by a genuine court of heavenly figures who worship Him and perform acts in His name. Even in these ancient books, there are frequent references to angels sent by God as protectors and messengers of people and individuals. The Guardian Angel, therefore, is connected to anyone who lives within God’s grace.

Before birth, you are assigned a Guardian Angel who will accompany you until death. Many people believe that your Guardian Angel will accompany you from life to life, so it's perhaps more accurate to say that your angel will be with you throughout your spiritual journey.

However, don't think of your Guardian Angel as a spiritual bodyguard. They aren't here to make your life easier or to shield you from pain. Instead, they are here to assist you in reaching your full spiritual potential by assisting you in communicating with your spiritual self.

How Can You Find Your Guardian Angel?

Angel wings with wordings How Can You Find Your Guardian Angel?
Angel wings with wordings How Can You Find Your Guardian Angel?

Finding your Guardian Angel is an adventure in and of itself. The truth is that you've probably seen signs from your Guardian Angel without realizing it, just as they've probably given you advice and support when you've needed it. It takes faith and trust to find your Guardian Angel. You must believe that they are present, even if you cannot see them. You must also have faith in your intuition, as it is your link to your subconscious mind and spirituality that allows you to interact with spiritual beings. You can begin this journey by identifying your Guardian Angel's name. You can interact with your angels while in a meditative state, and many people see signs or symbols while in this state.

We all have access to a team of guardian angels as humans. All angels are pure spirits who appreciate it when we connect with them, whether through prayer, song, journaling, or whatever medium we prefer.


Guardian angels are real, despite being misunderstood and undervalued. Angels can help us guard our hearts if we follow their example. Perhaps the most important role they can play in our lives is to demonstrate absolute, holy submission to God, unquestioning obedience, and faithful worship. It is to the guardian angels that God addresses himself to communicate with us. Their ultimate job is to make us understand God's Word, and move us in the right direction. Hope this article helps you to uncover the truth about Guardian Angels and aids you to be closer to your own guardian angel too.

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