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Fellowship Bible Church's Outreach Special Edition Ukraine Relief Efforts

Global partners and missionaries of FBC are preparing to receive refugees and provide outreach special edition Ukraine relief efforts.

Bernard Horne
Apr 17, 202227 Shares766 Views
The war in Ukraine is still raging, and millions more Ukrainians are fleeing into Europe. If you look at the map, you’ll see they are in very close proximity to the countries currently receiving refugees (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia) (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia). Global partners and missionaries of FBC are preparing to receive refugees and provide outreach special edition Ukraine relief efforts.
Blue and green map with red highlighted points on a europe-russia map
Blue and green map with red highlighted points on a europe-russia map
In the stories and prayerrequests below, you'll learn how Godis using cash donated by Fellowship Bible Church's outreach special edition Ukraine relief efforts and funds that are given by European Christians to fulfill urgent needs.

Amanda Snyder Of Fellowship Missionary - Slovenia

“I wanted to send a giant THANK YOU for Fellowship's support of our little project to help send supplies and cars for the Ukraine crisis. We were able to purchase a lot of supplies that were loaded on a bus headed for Ukraine on Wednesday, 3.9.2022, and are being sent to east Ukraine where supplies are so limited. The cars are already in use by our Ukrainian teammates as they are driving between Czech and Poland where we have two hotels that are helping process Ukrainians to more semi-permanent housing. Thank you so much for your generosity in helping make this trip happen. Here are two pics of our trip.”

Darko And Gorana Mikulic (Global Partners) - Croatia

Late Sundaynight, Darko and Gorana received two Ukrainian familiesfleeing Kyiv. Northern Croatian Christians gathered up the families in Poland and drove them south to Darko's churchin Slavonski Brod. The family will remain at the Slavonski Brod churchbuilding with childrenaged 10 months to 16. Darko encouraged us to “pray for refugees who are coming more and more into Croatia, to stay in our churches and with our families, that we will be able to show them the love of Jesus.”

Nate And Brittany Bruns Fellowship Missionaries Germany

Due to their proximity to Poland, Berlin and Potsdam have seen a rapid influx of Ukrainian refugees. Nate and Brittany have been collecting clothes for fifty immigrant families residing in a local hotel. They have also been asked to take in some of the 60 families cared for by a church in Berlin. For hygiene boxes, Brittany said her 120-member church, Mittendrin, had garnered 1000€ in contributions and endless goods. “Our 120-member church, Mittendrin, has collected 1000€ in donations and countless items to make hygiene boxes that are then transported to the border cities of Ukraine. In total today we have 35 moving-size boxes full.”
Ukranian people crossing bridge in a queue during wartime
Ukranian people crossing bridge in a queue during wartime
A Ukrainian pastor's wife, Zhenya, was picked up by Brittany in Poland. Zhenya and her kids left Kyiv on March 1. It took them a week to cross the border between Germany and Poland due to traffic.
According to Brittany, “When I picked up Zhenya and her two youngchildren in Poland all they had with them was two kid-size backpacks and her backpack. They had left everything along with her husband who is a Pastor. He is now helping others in their church escape. After an hour in the car, she asked if she could use my phone as hers was no longer working within the EU system. It was pure joy and unfiltered giggles from all three of them when they saw their Daddy’s face pop up on the screen. I will never forget that moment."
Brittany and Nate want us to pray for a strong anti-sextrafficking network and community because many refugee women and children are now at risk. They also ask us to pray for supernatural communication skills, as each country has its own language. Pray for pastors and missionaries to know how to best utilize their time and resources.

Johnathan Macris Global Partner Greece

Johnathan Macris - Greece According to Johnathan, Hellenic Ministries has dispatched five semi-trucks full of non-food products to the Poland/Ukraine border in the last week.

A look at how people can help the relief effort for Ukraine

They set up a transit point with food and a bus service to convey refugees to the Netherlands. They also dispatched a team to Romania to set up containers to house migrants being resettled as far as the Netherlands. Johnathan also stated that about 4,000 people have already arrived in Greece. Jonathan commented gratefully, “This is a great discipleship experience in sharing the compassionate heart of Jesus.”
Please pray for Johnathan and the Hellenic Ministries employees serving Ukrainian refugees in eastern Europe.

Dinislam Salpagrov Global Partner Russia

We asked Dinislam how we might pray for him and Russia. “The first request is to pray for peace. There are a lot of victims, refugees, the economy is collapsing, prices are rising, there are many unemployed. The second request is praying for translations of the Bibleinto Karachai and Nogai (languages spoken in the region). I am looking for Nogai translators; there are only two Christians from Nogais in our republic. Pray that we translate the Bible. Thank God for you and your love for those who do not yet know the love of our Savior. Please pray for the peoples of the North Caucasus.”

How Do I Send Money To The Ukraine War Effort?

To assist the armed forces, visit You can also transfer funds directly to the Ukraine relief fund. FBC supports Ukraine's military! FBC appreciates everyone's help!


Let the church's outreach special edition Ukraine relief efforts join together in prayer for God's will to be done and to make a world better and NO-War place in the near future with some mild but definitely impactful efforts.
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