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Following God's Instructions Or Committing Adultery? Which Would You Prefer


If you love each other, is it okay to have sex? Or should you wait until you're married to start? 'I haven't had sex with anyone yet.' Is something wrong with me? People ask questions like this all the time when they are young or even before they get married to their partner. People use two different paths as their guide, either following God's directions or committing adultery.

Let's define sex first before you choose one.

What Is Sex?

A man kisses his girlfriend while hugging and touching her
A man kisses his girlfriend while hugging and touching her

When we say 'sex', it includes hugging, kissing, any touch that is sexual, anal intercourse, oral sex, stripping in front of someone, and so on and so forth, as well as other things.

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However, the act of sex by definition refers to the act of penetration, the act of having sex with another person (opposite gender).

But the question that we would like to answer is why God wants us to wait and get married first before having sex?

How Does The Bible Explain About Sex?

A young man with a Bible on his right arm and an imaginary light bulb on his left arm
A young man with a Bible on his right arm and an imaginary light bulb on his left arm

Many people don't like talking about sex. However, when the Bible talks about sex, it does so in a way that is both honest and respectful. What it says is good for us. After all, Jehovah (the God's name in the Bible) is the one who made us and the one who started the marriage.

So he can tell what is best for us. He tells us how our actions can make him happy and what will help us to enjoy life forever.

What Is God's View Of Sex?

Sex is a gift from God Jehovah. To him, it should only be for married people to enjoy. This gift lets couples not only have children but also show their love and affection in a natural and interactive way. So, God's word says: "May you rejoice with the wife of your youth." (Proverbs 5:18, 19)

Jehovah wants married Christians to be faithful to their partners, so they won't do anything that isn't right for them. In the Bible, God says that it is "adultery."

About Adultery

In the Bible, adultery is when a married person, either a man or a woman, has sex with someone other than their partner. In God's eyes, having sex with another person is wrong. In ancient Israel, if you did this, you were going to die based on Leviticus 18:29.

Even Jesus told his followers not to have sex with another person. (Matthew 5:27).

The Effects Of Committing Adultery

A wife is outraged at her husband's adultery
A wife is outraged at her husband's adultery

It is based on a 23-year-old man: “It was a big letdown​, no feeling of good or warmth of love as it was supposed to be. Rather the full realization of how wrong the act was hit me. I felt totally ashamed at my lack of self-control.”

People who have sex with other people break a promise that they made when they were married. As well, it is a "sin against God." A parent who has sex with another person can cruelly cut off their children from their parents, which is a big problem. Besides, the Bible says that "God will punish those who have sinned."

The Effects Of Following God's Directions About Sex

While sleeping, a husband embraces his wife
While sleeping, a husband embraces his wife

It is based on a Reddit discussion thread: "Now that I'm older, wiser, more mature, and married, I truly understand why God meant sex to be strictly for marriage.

When I think of the trouble I've gotten into over the years much of it has been around women, specifically sex with women.

Plus, sex is such a powerful thing as we see day in and day out. It wasn't meant to be spread around and exploited the way it is because sexual pleasure and the pursuit of it has played a huge part in the corruption of this world (porn, IG models, casual sexual relationships, one night stands, unplanned pregnancies with people they don't want to have a baby with, STDs).

Finally, sex is way more than a physical connection and it took me finally being faithful in a relationship and getting over a porn addiction to truly get it. The sexual bond I've developed with my wife in truly committing my body to her is something I wouldn't trade for all the casual sex in the world."

That's true, too. A bad thing that could happen is that you get a sexually transmitted disease. Some things that are fun today can be painful tomorrow. The book of 1 Corinthians 6:18 says that before getting married, one "sins against his or her own body."

A person who is morally wrong might not be able to have children or have a serious health problem years later. As Proverbs 5:11 says, "You will groan at the end of your life when your flesh and body waste away". Nobody wants this to happen, right?

God's Direction Help To Avoid Pressure To Have Sex

Here are the three help that the Bible is providing us to resist pressure to have sex:

  • Make your moral convictions stronger. A person who has strong beliefs is less likely to give in to other people.
  • Helps us consider what could happen. You and someone else's lives could be very different if you had sex before you were married.
  • Keep a leveled and balanced view. Sex is not bad. In marriage, a man and a woman can enjoy it, but only if they are together, it means they are married.

What Should You Do If You Have Committed Adultery?

If you have committed adultery, you must ask for forgiveness from both God and your partner. Learn to hate adultery as much as God does. Avoid pornography, desires, flirting, or anything else that might lead you to have sexual feelings for someone other than your partner.


If you have the feeling that you can't control yourself when it comes to sex but don't have a partner, the Bible advises you to go find a partner who will meet both you and your partner's needs rather than engaging in adultery.

However, if you are a married man or woman who can't stop yourself thinking about having sex with someone who isn't your partner, think of the consequences. You will suffer as a result of it, which is why following God's instructions and directions are better than your one-day satisfaction by committing adultery.

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