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New Believer Study Guide Of Christianity

A new believer study guide by FBC is designed for those who are serious about growing in their relationship with God.

Bernard Horne
Apr 17, 202219 Shares394 Views
Anew believer study guideby FBC is designed for those who are serious about growing in their relationship with God. This seven-week course, written specifically with the new believer in mind, will guide you through some of the most difficult difficulties that Christians confront and show you what you should do next.
If you are a new Christian, there is no doubt that you have many questions regarding your new lifeas a Christian. It can be difficult to begin your Christian journey in an uncertain environment, and you want to establish solid practices that will allow you to grow spiritually at this time. But, more importantly, what actions do you take to do this?
A kid reading Holy Bible
A kid reading Holy Bible

New Believer Study Guide

This new believers guidehas answers to your all questions. It will definitely prove the best.

Your New Life In Community

Yes, God welcomed you into a new family, which we refer to as the Church, the minute you accepted God. The Churchis spread throughout the entire world and is comprised of people from every culture and language—all Christians who dwell on the face of the planet. It is not restricted to a certain structure, just as a natural family is not restricted to their home.
What Is A Local Church?
The Local Church is a group of people who gather in a particular place to worship.
God desires for you to be a part of a local church family, even though you are a member of the international Church. It's like having relatives all over the world but only being able to spend time with your close friends and family. Local churches are groups of Christians who are devoted to worshipping God, teaching His Word, supporting one another as you worship God together, and proclaiming the good newsto the world in which they live.
Christians require one another for warmth and support in the same way that logs burn more brightly when they are stacked together. They can make use of the opportunities provided by the local church to enjoy this community. You will discover that the advantages are mutually beneficial.
A pen placed on a notebook
A pen placed on a notebook

A New Life Of Obedience

The entire Christian lifeis to be lived on the basis of faith, not on the basis of works. Some other faiths might require adherents to obey a set of rules in order to maintain their status as acceptable. Because of God's love and thankfulness for them, Christians should desire to obey Him out of love and thanks to Him for what He has done for them by givinga lot of good things in their life. They cannot, however, live an obedient Christian life solely on their own initiative. They must live their lives in accordance with God's promises. By faith, they place their trust in God to provide them with the ability to follow God's will for their lives. They learn to obey God via faith, and as a result, they live a life of freedom and joy.
The Holy Book teaches that in your life, you will come up against opponents who will attempt to keep you from following God. These enemies include the devil, the world, and the flesh, among others.

Sharing Your New Life With Others

What was your first encounter with God? Isn't it true that someone told you? Did you know that you, too, have been tasked by God with the task of spreading the good news about Him to others? As disciples of God, you and I have the incredible opportunity of bringing the good news of eternal life to people in a way that they can understand. When you reach out to others who don't know God and introduce them to Him, you will experience a great sense of fulfillment. They will come to know Him as you have come to know him.
Consider the following scenario: you have cancer and have been selected to be a part of a special test group for a new cure. Your cancer was fully cured as a result of the treatment, which was completely free. What would be the first thing you would do if you were completely healed? You would want to spread the word to all of the other cancer patients about this wonderful treatment! Sin, on the other hand, is cancer that affects every single person. And you have been cured. Do you recall how you felt before you accepted God? Perhaps you were feeling alone, guilty, and without hope. Without God, the entire world is in shambles.

Where Should A Beginner Start Reading The Bible?

One method is to read the book from cover to cover. This is frequently the most straightforward place to begin. It is possible that Holy Book's reading plans will include the books in a different order in order to break up some of the lengthier story sections and make them more manageable to read! You can also read in a sequential manner by following a chronological order.


Having made the decision to follow God, you have embarked on a new journey that is rich in opportunity and packed with treasure that is yours to discover and enjoy. So go ahead and do it with this new believer study guide by FBC. Explore your spiritual resourcesand become acquainted with the kind of life that your God has planned for you.
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