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What Is Milestones Series With Parents In Churches?

The Milestones Series is a collection of workshops aimed to assist parents better equip themselves to guide their children through the many phases of child-rearing in a loving and wisdom-filled manner.

Bernard Horne
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The MilestonesSeries is a collection of workshops aimed to assist parentsin better equipping themselves to guide their childrenthrough the many phases of child-rearing in a loving and wisdom-filled manner.
An outside view of an ancient church
An outside view of an ancient church
A milestone is defined as "an event that occurs after a time of parental education and commemorates a significant spiritual development point in a child's life."
When you look back on your spiritual path to this point, there will be a few occurrences that jump out as landmarks — moments that marked a turning point in your relationship with the Lord. Some of them were likely the product of the devout preparations and efforts of a parent, friend, or ministryleader, while others were most likely the result of God's direct provision. As part of our family ministry, we urge people to thoughtfully prepare (at least) seven milestone moments in their children's spiritual development. These are as follows: 1) Dedication of a baby, 2) salvation, 3) communion, 4) baptism, 5) maturity, 6) purity, and 7) graduation are all examples of Christian rituals.

What Are Spiritual Milestones?

'A Guide to Celebrating Your Children's Spiritual Passages' is a book written by Jim Weidmann. Milestones are significant spiritual development moments in the lifeof a kid or adolescent that must be celebrated. Parents must be aware of these crucial developmental milestones, as well as how to guide their son or daughter through them from a biblical standpoint. This is the legacy FbC wants to leave to their children and grandchildren.
Spiritual milestones are actions that children perform that mark a significant step forward in the process of spiritual growth. Children go through a series of steps as they are converted into the image formed by the teachings of God. As youngsters mature spiritually, they will begin to understand how to recognize God.

Step 1

Parent/Child Dedication (Age 0–2) in the Process of Parenting Infants
This one-week session will address topics such as how to guide your children through each Milestone, understanding kid dedication, knowing parental roles, and establishing a strong marriage, among other things.

Step 2

Salvation and Baptism(Age 3–9) A Milestone in Parenting YoungChildren
It is geared toward parents of children aged 3 to 9 years, is all about strengthening your bond with your child. This 4-week class covers the following topics:
  • How to plant seeds of biblical truth?
  • How to lead your child to God?
  • How to set boundaries for attitude and behavior?
  • How to discipline and correct?
  • How to instruct the mind and heart?
  • How to model spiritual disciplines?
  • How to practice the "one-another"?

Step 3

Adolescence & Purity (age 10–13) and Parenting Adolescents
Step 3 of our Milestones is geared toward parents of children aged 10 to 13 years old. It helps parents prepare their children for adolescence. This 4-week session addresses the following topics:
  • How to prepare a weekend retreat (puberty and purity)
  • Dealing with the obstacles of middle school
  • Bullying
  • Peer pressure
  • Online battles/controls
  • Infatuation
  • Friendships
  • Building your child's identity.

Step 4

The Rite of Passage (age 14–18) is the fourth milestone in parenting teenagers.
Rite of Passage is the fourth Milestone in our Milestones program, which is geared toward parents of 14-18-year-old teenagers. This three-week course discusses how to help your teen develop into a man or woman by doing the following:
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with your teen.
  • Assisting them in negotiating boundaries and decisions.
  • Encouraging purposeful dating.
  • Preparing your teen for collegeand a successful career.

Step 5

Graduation (at least the age of 18) is the fifth milestone.
It will address topics such as their place in God's Kingdom and Church, how to defend one's faith(apologetics), how to be a leader (making disciples), life skills for singles, meeting with someone with a purpose to marry, and understanding God's plan during this one-day conference.
An inside view of a church
An inside view of a church
Throughout the year, they'll have two weeks of Milestone workshops at one of their Sunday servicesto help you prepare for your wedding. Parents, grandparents, and anybody else who has a direct role in the raising of children are encouraged to attend the conference.
Taking a Milestone class will assist you in preparing to guide your child through a critical stage of spiritual growth. They went through all six Milestones three or four years ago and were pleased with the results. In response to their recent sermon series, they are currently doing Milestone 4 in the church. Each Milestone lesson can be completed on its own, so there is no requirement to go through the series in a sequential fashion.
Because the two weeks of classes for Milestone 4 will be divided into topics, attending just one of the two weeks will be beneficial. Parents will be equipped to discuss and lead their teens through concerns of purity during the first week, and parents will be equipped to help their children adopt a good perspective on marriage during the second week of the course.


FBC's Milestones Series is their method of expressing the long-term commitment to you in the process of developing a strong and healthy family from conception to graduation. It is their goal on this trip to place parents as the key influence on their children's spiritual development.
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