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How To Achieve Soul Care?


We endeavor to address the needs of every person at Fellowship Bible Church. Our Soul CareGroups are one method we achieve this. These groups are intended to help people heal their souls by providing supportive, encouraging, and guiding communities.

Soul Care Groups

Lord, I Want To Be Whole - Tuesdays At 10am

Are you struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, or shame? Do you feel like you just don't measure up? Do you have a nagging feeling that something inside of you is just not quite right? Do you long to feel whole? Sign-up in the foyer for this new Soul Care group, which will take us on a powerful journey as we explore 7 biblical principles and scriptures to help you draw on the power of prayerand make long-lasting changes in your life! Starting February 2, this group will meet every Tuesday at 10am in room 101 and will work through the book, Lord, I Want to Be Whole by Stormie Omartian.

Divorce Care - Not Currently Meeting

This group addresses the pain of separation and divorce and offers truth for rebuilding your life. Find help. Discover hope. Experience healing. For details and a video, visit the Divorce Care website.

Grief Share - Wednesdays At 6:30pm

A specialized support group for people grieving the loss of someone special. Experience encouragement, gain resources, and embrace truth. For details and a video, visit the Grief Share website.

What Is Soul Care?

The continual process of maintaining and sustaining one's soul is known as soul care. It is a collaborative effort between the Holy Spiritand ourselves. We cooperate and collaborate with the life-givingand soul-tending Spirit of Christwho resides inside us as we work in tandem with Him. "Only pay attention to yourself and earnestly keep your soul." - Deuteronomy 4:9 (NAS95)

To properly care for our souls, we must first grasp what the soul is according to the Bible. The notion that "I do not have a soul, I am a soul" is fundamental to this concept. You are not a body with a soul, but rather a soul with a body.

Consider a funeral to grasp this truth. We weep at funerals for a variety of reasons. There are numerous causes for this, but one of the most important is that we are aware that our loved one is no longer with us. We can see their coffin and know their body is inside, but we know it isn't them. Even non-Christians are aware of it. "She's gone..." "He's no longer with us..." We use everyday language to explain what we see with our eyes and know in our hearts: "She's gone..." "He's no longer with us..."

How To Achieve Soul Care?

Self-care is made up of tangibles – things you can hold in your hands and that are created of scientific stuff (like creams, salts, massage stones, diffusers, bubbles, journals, and candles).

Intangibles - things in life that actually matter (such love, gratitude, and what you can't quite put your finger on) - make up soul care.

Here are a few instances where self-care intersects with soul care.

Laugh a lot

Self-care involves having a sense of humor and being able to tell a joke. Caring for your soul means laughing wildly from the core of your being.

Food to Savor

Cooking a meal for yourself is a kind of self-care. It's truly food for the soul to savor each taste and be engulfed by the love that went into its preparation.

Allow Energy to Flow

Journaling is a kind of self-care. Soul care entails releasing stagnant energy and bad mental patterns.

Pursue Your Goals

Sleeping is a kind of self-care. Soul care is realizing that you create your own world and that you have the power to make your goals come true.

Respect Your Limits

Self-care is saying "no thank you" to invitations you don't wish to accept. Soul care entails trusting your instincts and respecting your boundaries.

Give Up Control

Meditating is a kind of self-care. Soul care entails being open to insights received via meditation and relinquishing control.


Self-care entails spending time in nature. Soul care is believing in your actual nature as an endless, unlimited being who is connected to everyone and everything.


Self-care is reading a book. Changing a belief as a result of words on that page that spoke to you, or implementing the knowledge you gained in a way that will benefit you.

Become A Strong Person

Exercising your body is self-care. Soul care is embodied strength.


Water is a kind of self-care. Flowing with life's natural river without opposition is nourishing for the soul.

Allow Your Spirit To Sing

Music is a kind of self-care. Soul care is having a singing heart and a free dancing spirit.

In Your Work, Find Purpose And Margin

Because we were born with purpose hard-wired within us, the human spirit needs significance. Your soul becomes weary when it is cut off from meaning. When you understand the worth of hard effort and see the benefits, it's remarkable how motivating it can be. Having no margin is a surefire way to jeopardize significance.

You know what it's like to be rushing from meeting to meeting and not being able to adequately prepare or follow up. You've merely scratched the surface. This leaves less time for objectives like problem-solving, innovation, and deeper dialogues with key executives, resulting in even less margin and more stress.

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