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Why Is Mom2Mom Necessary In Churches?


Mom2Mom is a ministry that exists to educate, train, encourage, and assist women as they embark on their parenthood journey. It is a non-profit organization.

Greetings, Moms! FBC's sessions are held in the morning (9 am) and the evening (7 pm); children's care is only available during the morning session. Become a part of their journey as they attempt to be firmly planted so that they might bear much fruit...both personally and through the lives of their children. If you have infants, high schoolers, or anything in between, they want to accompany you on your Motherhood journey.

Middle-aged ladies talking to each other
Middle-aged ladies talking to each other

Mom2Mom ministry provides assistance to mothers of young children (ages 0-6) by fostering relationships with other mothers – both those in the same life stage as the mother and those a little farther down the road.

What Exactly Is Mom2Mom?

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Throughout the year, Mentor Moms present a twice-monthly program in which they accompany younger mothers on their parenthood journey by offering support, community, skills and resources, and more.

Moms of young children join on the other two Mondays of each month for outings and park play dates in order to strengthen their bonds with one another and with their children.

  • Week 1, Mondays, September 13-May 23 | 9:30-11:15 AM, Commons Hall, Large Group Gathering (first week only).
  • Second Week | 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Moms and their children are on a trip to various locations.

  • 3rd Week | 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Why is a fireside area near the sanctuary chosen for the book club?

  • 4th Week | 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Third Floor Gym at College Church for Mom and Kids' Playdate

  • January 17 — Workout at the gym Playdate.
  • Book Club will meet on January 24th.
  • January 31 — Workout at the gym Time for a Playdate and a Story
  • 7th of February - Large Group Gathering | subject: time management
  • 14th of February - Gym Playdate.
  • President's Day is observed on February 21.
  • Book Club will meet on February 28th.
  • Large Group Gathering | Technology is the topic for March 7th.
  • Triangle Park in Wheaton on March 14th.
  • Book Club will meet on March 21st.
  • 28th of March - Gym Playdate.
  • The 4th of April will be a large group gathering.
  • Wheaton's Northside Park will host a free concert on April 11.
  • Book Club will meet on April 18th.
  • Gym Playdate on April 25th.
  • The second of May is a large group gathering.
  • Lake Ellyn Park at Glen Ellyn on May 9th.
  • Book Club will meet on May 16th.
  • Northside Park in Wheaton on May 23rd.
Three young girls playing in the park
Three young girls playing in the park

Mom2Mom program is a biblically-based parenting program that is founded on the concept of older women mentoring and encouraging younger women in their relationships with their husbands and children. In addition to high-quality parenting training, small-group discussion, and the interaction of more experienced mothers with younger mothers, the program also includes both a nurturing environment for devoted Christian women and a "safe place" for them to bring their community acquaintances, and it frequently serves as a gateway into the church.

In 1991, Mom2Mom began as a pilot program at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has since inspired a number of other churches to reach out to the mothers in their communities through similar initiatives. FBC receives requests for information and access to their resources and curriculum from people all around the country — and even from other countries. Their materials for use in additional Mom-to-Mom groups are finally ready, and they're excited to share them with you all.

Mom2Mom | Connections | Altitude Recap

  • How do young mothers in your church or community feel about themselves?
  • What if you don't have any extended family in the area?
  • In neighborhoods where there are no other mothers at home?
  • Do you miss the companionship that exists in the workplace?
  • When do they live in a culture that devalues and downplays their importance as mothers?
  • Unimportant... if you're overwhelmed with knowledge from parenting "experts?"

What if you knew a group of women who needed to be reminded that they weren't alone in their feelings.

"Being a mother is the most important thing I'll ever do," says the author.

"God provides me with the resources I need to complete this job," says the author.

The answers to all the questions above mentioned are Mom2Mom sessions. Some regular sessions and you will be provided with every aspect of knowledge.

What Is A Mom2Mom Sale?

It is a large indoor market where women can hire booths to sell their children's outgrown gently used belongings to other moms and dads who are attending the sale as well.

It is a large indoor sale where mothers can hire tables and sell their children's outgrown gently used belongings to other mothers and fathers who attend the market. ...and for seasoned moms to keep up with their expanding children's clothing, toy, and furniture demands.

They are a terrific site for new expectant women to find maternity clothes, baby carriers, baby gear, cribs, bassinets, and bouncers, among other things... Frequently, children outgrow their clothes, shoes, toys, and equipment before they can be worn out, resulting in the cost of replacing such items becoming prohibitively expensive.

Sale events organized by moms for moms are a terrific way to save money while also getting the stuff you want for your baby and children up to the age of 12 or so (some sales are limited to only size 8 clothing). Occasionally, you may even be able to locate an item that is brand new and still has its tags on.


Do you know any young moms who are looking for the wisdom and influence of a Mom2Mom lady in their lives? If so, please share this information with them.

Educate the older women on how to teach... what is beneficial. They can teach the younger ladies to love their husbands and children by modeling this behavior.

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