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Detroit Synagogue Leader Samantha Woll Found Fatally Stabbed Outside Her Home


Detroit synagogue leader found fatally stabbedto death outside her home on Saturday morning. Until more information is available, the public is asked to refrain from making assumptions about how she died.

The "politically connected" president of the synagogue, Samantha Woll, was discovered outside of her home in the Lafayette Park area of Detroit, which is east of downtown.

Police said they don't know why the person was killed yet. They have been searching the area with dogs, but they still don't know who killed the person or why.

Detroit Synagogue Leader Found Fatally Stabbed

Samantha Woll wearing a black shirt
Samantha Woll wearing a black shirt

A president of a Detroit synagogue was stabbed to death at her home on Sunday. Her family, friends, and top Michigan officials praised her as a kind, thoughtful leader who brought people together. As people came together to honor Samantha Woll's life, police said they had found no proof that she was killed because she was Jewish.

As "Sam" to her friends and family, Woll, who was 40 years old, ran the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. She had worked as a campaign staffer for Attorney General Dana Nessel and as an assistant to Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin before.

Around 6:30 a.m., someone called 911 to say that someone wasn't responding. When police arrived, they found a body outside of a home in Joliet Place. Investigators were still trying to figure out who the woman was, but they said she had been stabbed several times. The synagogue wrote on Facebook:

At this point, we do not have more information, but will share more when it becomes available. May her memory be a blessing. As the community grieves her tragic death, we ask that they not speculate and instead let the police gather facts.- The synagogue Facebook post

Chief of Police in Detroit, James E. White, asked the public to be patient on Saturday night while more resourceswere put into the probe. he said he would let us know on Sundaymorning. In a statement, he said:

I am asking that everyone remain patient while investigators carefully examine every aspect of the available evidence. It is important that no conclusions be drawn until all of the available facts are reviewed.- James E. White

The state chapter of the Anti-Defamation League in Michigan, ADL Michigan, also asked people not to guess about the person's motivation.

Woll went to the University of Michigan after being born and raised in the Detroit area. As of 2022, she was the head of the board of directors at Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue.

Woll was connected to Democrats in the state. She has worked for Rep. Elissa Slotkin and on the campaign for Attorney General Dana Nessel's re-election in the past. Slotkin praised Woll's commitment to helping people in Detroit. Slotkin said in a tweet on X, which used to be called Twitter:

She did for our team as Deputy District Director what came so naturally to her: helping others & serving constituents. Separately, in politics & in the Jewish community, she dedicated her short lifeto building understanding across faiths, bringing light in the face of darkness.- Rep. Elissa Slotkin

Nessel was shocked and horrified by her death. She said:

Sam was as kind a person as I’ve ever known. She was driven by her sincere love of her community, state and country. Sam truly used her faithand activism to create a better place for everyone.- Dana Nessel

Final Words

Samantha Woll, who ran a temple in the US city of Detroit, was found dead in a park near her home. She had been stabbed. When police arrived at a call in the Lafayette Park area on Saturday, they found the victim not breathing. They think she died at home.

They have been searching the area with dogs, but they still don't know who killed the person or why. The police said that there was no proof yet that the motivation was antisemitism. Police called Ms. Woll "one of Detroit's great youngleaders" and gave her praise.

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