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What Is The Purpose Of Women's Ministries?

Women's Ministries are there to support, motivate, and challenge women on their journey as followers of God and members of the world church.

Bernard Horne
Apr 17, 2022137 Shares1847 Views
Women's Ministriesare there to support, motivate, and challenge women on their journey as followers of Godand members of the world church.
Three women talking to each other
Three women talking to each other

Women's Ministries At FBC

A group called Women's Ministryat Fellowship Bible Churchwants to show God's love by...
  • Developing real friendships.
  • Making sure that women are able to grow in every area of their lives by studying God's word.
  • Encouraging God-centered ministry as FBC serves homes, church, community, and the world through service.
FBC is ready to get back into the swing of things, which means school, sports, and all of the other community events that make up your days, weeks, seasons, and years are about to begin again. After so many months of isolation and unpredictability, the re-gathering of the saints will be particularly poignant this fall.
Will the FBC church be able to launch a women's ministry that will be both faithful and fruitful when the time comes?
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to women's ministries in the church. In the same way that FBC is as different as other churches, the churches are as diverse as our God's ability to create. When you talk with pastors and ministry leaders regarding women's ministry, you hear a wide range of experiences—everything from great joys and achievements to deep heartaches and frustration—that FBC finds fascinating.
A group of women sitting and discussing with each other
A group of women sitting and discussing with each other
While some ministries have attempted this, involvement has been poor. This has resulted in a significant burden for the pastor, as there does not appear to be a group of women who are willing or capable of steering the ship. Alternatively, other pastors have expressed displeasure that the women who are leading the group are so compelling and enthusiastic that the group takes on a lifeof its own and becomes disconnected from the greater community of Christians.
And there is no shortage of pastors who fall somewhere in between those two extremes who desire to offer a women's ministry but feel that their plates are already too full to take on another responsibility. The majority of people have tried and failed, and they are not convinced that they should try again.
Starting or re-starting a women's ministrymay not seem like a worthwhile endeavor. FBC is getting what you're saying. Taking care of the Sundayworship gathering, small groups, and youthgroup is already full-time work for many people. It's overwhelming to think about adding or altering one more thing.
But here's why other church planters and church-planting teams should seriously consider prioritizing a women's ministry as a top priority when starting a church.
Women account for around 55 percent of Christians in the United States, which implies that more than half of the people who attend your local church are likely to be female. FBC is not talking about servicing a small, unimportant group of people here. Offering a setting that is specifically designed to serve the women in your church will result in the strength and energy of the entire congregation as the women's ministry yields fruit and the number of disciples grows.
They will often feel the love and welcome that women's groups are known for. This is true even if they don't believe in God, are single, or have kids alone. They have been a part of every women's BiblestudyI have been to or led for the last twenty years.
Women's ministry settingsare an excellent way to provide mentoring and support to women of all ages. Mentorship is welcomed by the majority of women, from their adolescent years through every decade. Every women's meeting provides an opportunity for relationships to be formed across generations and experiences, allowing women to share their wisdom — as well as their mistakes and cautions — with one another.
In the fellowship and prayertimes, women can ask each other questions about a variety of topics, including how to balance work and life, how to deal with a new marriage, how to explore babyhood, how to recover from trauma, how to walk in newness of life, and more. Women's-only environments are essential for discipleship to take place.
In the various parachurch ministriesthat provide women's ministry to women who either do not seek it or cannot find it in their local churches, the truth of these four arguments is demonstrated by the fact that they exist. Please, brothers and sisters, do not outsource this task. It doesn't have to be polished or perfect, but let's not allow this opportunity to pass you by.
Ladies meetingsare a smart and meaningful tool for local churches to assist women in coming to know God and in spreading His message to others. What level of commitment does your church have to make it a priority this fall?

How Do You Lead A Women's Ministry?

  • There will be no Lone Rangers. Volunteers are needed to assist us in our efforts to lead women.
  • Collaborate with others. Learn about the other women's ministry directors in your area by networking.
  • Be true to yourself. God has impressed upon my heart the importance of being truthful in my leadership.
  • Encourage teamwork among employees.


Women's Ministries exist to aid congregations in nurturing, supporting, and equipping women to faithfully and completely use their God-given gifts to glorify God in their lives and in their communities.
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