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Pope Calls For World Religions To Combat Climate Change

Pope calls for world religions to combat climate change, urging faiths worldwide to join forces against environmental challenges.

Bernard Horne
Dec 05, 2023274 Shares14445 Views
In a profound statement on Sunday, the Pope calls for world religions to combat climate change, emphasizing the crucial need for world religions to collaboratively oppose the "rapacious" environmental devastation plaguing our planet. Despite his absence at the C0P28 climate conference in Dubai due to lung inflammation, his message was clear and compelling, delivered through Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Pope Francis Advocates for United Religious Action on Climate Change

The Popehighlighted the finite nature of human existence and the imperative to protect our environment.
For we are indeed mortal, we have our limits, and protecting lifealso entails opposing the rapacious illusion of omnipotence that is devastating our planet.- Pope Francis
His remarks underscored the importance of a united front among various faiths in addressing ecological issues, a first-of-its-kind initiative at a COP conference.

A Call for Action and Contemplation

In his address, the Pope delved deeper into the role of religions in environmental stewardship. "Religions, as voices of conscience for humanity, remind us that we are finite creatures, possessed of a need for the infinite," he stated, emphasizing the responsibility of religious communities in advocating for sustainable and modest lifestyles. He pointed out that true engagement with the environment goes beyond preservation, urging for a return to the contemplation of nature's grandeur.
"This is an essential obligation for religions, which are called to teach contemplation, since creation is not only an ecosystem to preserve, but also a gift to embrace," Francis explained. His words painted a vivid picture of the intertwining of spiritual and environmental well-being, warning of a world "poor in contemplation" as one "polluted in soul."
The Pope's commitment to environmental issues was further evident in his call for the elimination of fossil fuels, a stance supported by hundreds of Catholic institutions globally. However, a striking contrast was noted in the United States, where despite a significant Catholic population, no diocese has publicly divested from fossil fuel assets, as per a Reuters investigation.
Moreover, Pope Francis linked the stewardship of the planet with global peace. "Before our very eyes, we can see how wars and conflicts are harming the environment and dividing nations, hindering a common commitment to addressing shared problems like the protection of the planet," he remarked, highlighting the interdependence of peace and environmental health.
During the United Nations climate event, his views were further reiterated by Cardinal Pietro Parolin. The Pope emphasized the need for lifestyle changes over mere financial investments in the environment. "We need to change our way of lifeand thus educate everyone to sober and fraternal lifestyles," he asserted, framing climate change as not just an ecological issue, but a religious one rooted in human arrogance.
"A home is only livable when a climate of peace reigns within," the Pope added, aligning the concept of peace with environmental harmony. Despite his absence from the event due to health concerns, his message was clear: the interplay of peace, climate, and religion is fundamental.
He urged for proactive leadership from religious figures, saying:
As religious representatives, let us set an example to show that change is possible and bear witness to respectful and sustainable lifestyles. With a loud voice, let us implore leaders of nations that our common home be preserved.- Pope Francis
Pope Francis's health has been a subject of concern recently, following a hospitalization earlier this year for bronchitis. His persistent advocacy for environmental issues, even in the face of health challenges, underscores the urgency and importance he places on this global crisis. His message at the C0P28 conference, though delivered in absentia, resonates with a call for collective action and contemplation, transcending religious boundaries to safeguard our planet for future generations.
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